Video update…

I really have no idea how it is possible for me to have not made a blog post here since July(!!), but apparently that is the case. Wow. Pretty poor show on my part. 2012 was a pretty live changing year for me (more on that soon) and I can only really offer that up as a, frankly rubbish, excuse for the lack of posts.

Anyway, enough of dwelling on why I haven’t been doing things and more actual doing of things! New year; new start! I was busy last year (very busy in fact) and here is a run down of some of the things that kept me away from my blog since the summer. Shooting and editing video took up a great chunk of my time, so here are some of my favourites:

BlocFest 2012-2013 Promo

First up is a promo video I made for a new climbing competition series which started in October. It’s called BlocFest and it is run by a group of routesetters I know from climbing at The Castle. This was a really fun project to do, and it was nice to actual shoot a more stylised (having full control over lighting etc) climbing short. I’m really pleased with this one, and I hope to do more work in a similar vain in 2013:

Steve Brown – Behind The Scenes

I’ve continued to work with Steve throughout 2012 on a variety of things. He even managed to find some time in his busy schedule to do some personal work, two of which I documented.

The first was with London based American Football team London Blitz:

Steve Brown & London Blitz Shoot – Behind The Scenes

…And the second, in conjunction with Bowens Lights, was with a couple of Roller Derby teams, Southern Discomfort and London Rollergirls.

Behind The Scenes – Steve Brown Roller Derby Shoot

Timelapse London

Probably the biggest tick off the to-do list however was finishing up my timelapse film from around London. It has taken a lot of work, and lot of standing around in the cold, but I think the final product was definitely worth all those hours. I’m really pleased with it, and I’m glad that I took the extra time and effort to get it right. If you’ve not seen it yet, please have a watch (in HD, full screen and with sound if you can!)


Last, but by no means least, is the video from Blissfields. My last post was a selection of stills from the weekend but the real meat of the job for me was the video side of things. I was the sole cameraman for this, and I worked really hard for two (long) days to capture as much of the atmosphere as I possibly could. Jason at Liquid Crimson did an amazing job with the edit (I was amazed how he managed to turn t around so quickly considering the amount of rushes he had to watch through…)

So, those are a few of my favourite projects I’ve worked on in the last few months. There are a few more which still need finishing off, but hopefully I can get those wrapped up soon as well. I love shooting and editing video, but it is a very time consuming process! I thought I’d ease myself back into blogging with a short and sweet post, and let the videos speak for themselves. There’ll be more to come soon though!

Happy new year everyone! I hope you have a great 2013.