Polaroids in Print…

Urban Climber #34, originally uploaded by Ben Grubb.

A few weeks ago, I had one of those small, yet hugely exciting moments which you get in life from time to time. I tried to keep it secret from those involved but I didn’t manage it – thankfully it didn’t all fall down around my ears and leave me looking like a fool. Anyway, the exciting news was this: I had sent off some climbing polaroids to Urban Climber magazine, after we noticed there was a short article in one of the previous issues, asking for people to send them in. At the time, we were at the Hueco Rock Ranch in Texas, so it seemed like a good idea for me to take my Polaroid into Hueco Tanks the next day in the hope of getting some decent shots. It certainly paid off! I took a few shots of my friends on various classic problems during the course of the next day, and when I got back to London, I scanned them in, wrote a long, waffley email to accompany them and sent them off into the ether in the direction of UC headquarters. I soon forgot about them until a couple of months later when someone from the magazine got in touch via Twitter and asked if they could print them. Naturally, I jumped at the chance – and here they are. I had originally sent in four different shots, of which only two were used, and the letter was heavily (yet understandably) edited down. But, none the less I can now say that I have had my photos printed in a worldwide, hugely popular climbing publication!

The letter did run across two pages, so I have taken the liberty of scanning the two halves in for your convenience. Click on the image to the left to see a larger version. Also, the individual shots can be seen on Flickr. The ones they used are Ben Sales on Daily Dick Dose (V7) and Snooky on Nobody Here Gets Out Alive (V2). I also sent in this shot of Ashby on ‘Nobody Here…’ and another one of Benny on ‘Self Service’ (V4/5) in Joe’s Valley, UT. I’m hoping I can get them to print some more of my stuff. I’ve certainly got a taste for it now!