Four Days in Font…

Stuart, originally uploaded by Ben Grubb.

Over the easter weekend a group of Castle regulars had a trip down to Fontainebleau. Again. As is traditional at Easter time. We were a little worried, as initial weather reports had looked a bit dodgy, but we ploughed on regardless. I’m very glad we did! After an initial few spots of rain on the way down, and a couple of light showers on the first day, we were treated to three days of glorious, unadulterated sunshine! It was truly a beautiful experience. After a pretty disastrous trip (climbing wise) over New Year, it was nice to to actually get some climbing in. Better still was the luxury of being able to cherry pick which areas we went to instead of being forced to climb on the thirty square feet of rock that was actually dry in the forest. This is how Font is meant to be; at least in my head. Great friends, great problems, great food and great wine.

Over the four days, we covered a fair amount of ground. We visited some new areas to check things out, and visited some places we’d been previously to (try) and complete some projects. I also managed to shoot a ton of photos, which is another reason I love it Font. After many hours of editing, tweaking and retweaking, I’ve managed to get a smallish set together which I think are the strongest shots from the trip. I’m trying to be really ruthless with my photo catalogues these days, mainly as it’s becoming apparent that less-is-more in photographic terms (I feel), but also as hundreds of RAW files and high res JPG’s are taking up a huge amount of storage space! It seems to be a practice that’s paying off. There were a lot of more “snappy” photos which, although possibly not technically strong photographs, captured a certain moment. These still have their place (Facebook, mainly), but I’m trying to be more stringent with what I post on here and on Flickr, the photo above being a prime example. That has to be one of my favourite climbing shots I’ve taken. Have a look below and see what you think; I’ll be updating my main climbing gallery very soon…


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