Much More Music…

Bertie Blackman, originally uploaded by Ben Grubb.

Last week I went to see a rather splendid gig by Australian songstress Bertie Blackman. I hadn’t really heard of her before until Katy from Creative Boom asked me to go along and write a review and take some photos. It turns out I actually really like Bertie’s music. I listened to her latest album ‘Secrets and Lies’ which is out in May and it’s rather splendid. The show was hugely enjoyable as well. For a petite little thing she certainly has a really powerful set of lungs, and really belt the tunes out. You can read the review now on Creative Boom; and there’s a selection of shots from the night up on Flickr. I also did a video interview(!!) with her which should be up on Creative Boom some point soon. Hopefully. It went pretty, and was a largely enjoyable (yet nerve wracking) experience. Michael Parkinson I am not.

I also caught the band on before Bertie who weren’t bad either: Sheffield based act The Little Million, who I also managed to get some decent photos of. Result! I’m also, through the power of the internetz, seeing them again tonight to take some more shots. It’s been a busy time. And the sun’s out which is nice. Here’s to a decent Spring and Summer I say!

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