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A week or so ago, I was approached by a contact I’d made through Twitter called Col. Col runs a rather nice Mountain Biking based website called Mud and Gears, and he asked me if I’d design a web banner for his website. He said he really liked my work (a good start) and said that he wanted something with a torn paper look, similar to the banner currently sitting above this very post. He wanted something which he could work into a blog template, and a few days later he came back with some dimensions for me. Straight away we seemed to be reading of the same page (or blog, if you like) thinking along the lines of using bike parts, and fairly grungy (almost muddy you could say) look. I think you can see where I’m going with this. Anyway, I jumped at the chance, and get started straight away. I’d say it took me about a day (on and off) to complete the banner, which looks like this:

As usual, I had a rough idea in my mind of what I wanted, and I knew the first step was acquiring some images of bike parts. As luck would have it, chained up outside the Tube station later that afternoon was bike which had all the necessary parts, so I snapped a few close ups (whilst simultaneously getting strange looks from passers by). I liked the close ups from the rear mechs the best, as they seemed to be a bit clearer as to what they actually where, once taken out of context, so that formed the basis of the banner. I chose a few nice, muddy colours and then raided my ever growing texture library and get to work putting the rest of the image together. The cog shapes were a bit trickier, and I had to find a tutorial online to help me create them in Adobe Illustrator. After a few experiments, I finally got them looking how I wanted them. After that it came together pretty quickly, and once I’d found suitable, distressed fonts to go with it, it was sorted. Col seemed very happy with it, which is good! So, anyway, check out his site (where the banner is now live).

I’ve been pretty busy of late (I’m trying to do an image/project a week to keep myself creative), so I’ll have some other stuff to post soon.

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