New addition…

Tortoise, originally uploaded by Ben Grubb.

There’s been a new addition to the Grubb family. It was my Dad’s birthday yesterday, and sisters, Auntie and I clubbed together and got him a Hermann’s Tortoise! He is (at time of press) unnamed, but he provided an huge amount of entertainment over the course of the weekend. He’s deceptively quick, and therefore, very tricky to photograph, but I still managed to rattle of a few decent shots which you can see on Flickr. I’m impressed at his climbing ability and his Harry Houdini-esque ability to escape from pretty much any enclosure we could construct for him. We left him tucked up in his hemp and soil filled box while we went off to Brighton on the Sunday. We returned home a few hours later to find him sitting pretty in the middle of the living room. Heaven knows what he’d been up to, but he’d certainly been having a good explore of the house. Bless him.

I’m looking forward to watching him grow up, and I dare say there’ll be many more photos of him featured here.

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