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Greetings from Hamburg! The tour has been going pretty well so far – I’ve spent a lot of time on trains, but it’s definitely been worth it. Yesterday was a “day off” (i.e. no show that night) but up until then its been gigs every night. Cologne (which was the last one I was at) was fantastic! They really mixed the setlist up from previous nights which was a nice surprise (see below).

Nerves Normal… made an appearance, and was a 15 minute minute marathon which sounded superb! I hope they keep that one in for either tonight or Berlin. Avalanche was a nice touch as was new song Baltic which is pretty catchy too, especially the bass.

Mark and I were in the venue at 5, and after a few moves around we were able to set up in this little attic at the back, above the soundboard. There was a hatch in the wall which gave a great view of the stage (see photo). We set up a stationary camera and the mics up there and sat and watched the guys soundcheck – pretty cool! That’s not something I’ve ever been able to do before. Unsurprisingly, I took a ton of photos which will no doubt make their way onto flickr pretty soon.

Cologne Setlist:

Drunk on Aluminum
Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes
Weighty Ghost
Laser Beams
Nerves Normal, Breath Normal
Miasmal Smoke & he Yellow Bellied Freaks

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