South Bank Skating!

It seems like the sun is slowly starting to wake up and drag itself towards springtime, thankfully! I’m getting sick to the back teeth with all this damn cloud and rain. Anyway, like I said, the sun was out for one brief, beautiful day last week and I decided to make the most it. I recently bought myself a new camera (A Canon EOS 5D-MkII no less!) and I’d been getting increasingly frustrated by the fact that I hadn’t been able to get out with it due to the weather. So, when all the cogs finally meshed I headed out camera(s) in hand but no real agenda. I wander around Borough Market for a while as that’s often a good starting place, and meandered slowly along the South Bank until I got a suggestion from Ben that I should head to the skate park. This turned out to be a great suggestion as the place was packed and I spent a good hour or so there shooting away. Below are some of my favourite shots of the really talented skaters and BMXers there. I’ll have to get back there again when the sun is out properly…

One thought on “South Bank Skating!

  1. Really nice work, lovely depth of colour. I particularly like these urban skater and BMX shots; they capture the ‘casual artistry’ and poise of these talented guys perfectly.

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