Simon & Selena…

Simon & Selena’s Wedding, originally uploaded by Ben Grubb.

Today I finally finished editing the photos of another wedding I photographed at the end of August. It was another long, hard but hugely enjoyable and fun day. The bride, Selena, is a girl I went to school with (which was all far too long ago for my liking) but who, up until the middle of last year, I hadn’t really kept in touch with. We were friends on Facebook and then one day I randomly got a message from her asking if I did wedding photography. I’d had a few requests for it at the time, and it was an idea that I was coming round to, having not actually done any at the time. Fast forward tweleve months and I find myself in Chiddingstone Castle on a fortunately beautiful Saturday (a novelty in an otherwise dreary August) surrounded by a load more people who I hadn’t really seen much of since school. It was great, and I thoughly enjoyed myself.

Another exciting aspect was that I took the plunge and rented a Canon 5D-MkII and a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 USM lens for the day. I was starting to feel like I was riding my luck a little having only one camera body, and I’d been meaning to test out the 5D Mk-II for a while. I certainly didn’t regret it! I wasn’t sure if I’d notice too much of a difference, but I was staggered by how much sharper and clearer the images were. It was hard to give it back (although fortunately I did get it for a full bank holiday weekend so I could try it out in other situations which was nice). I’m saving up my pennies to get one next year. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully.

Anyway, here’re are shots from the day. I’m really pleased with them, but then I guess when the location is that stunning it’s hard to take a bad photo…

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