I’m in Los Angeles Today…

Well, actually I’m not; but I was just over a week ago (and I’m a sucker for a DCfC reference)…

LA Sunset  Hollywood Boulevard  Building

My first visit to the City of Angels was to cover E3, or more accurately Lionhead Studio’s stand at the show (you can see the final overview video produced by Liquid Crimson here). It was a real enjoyable and eye opening experience to attend E3; the scale was pretty incredible and there was a lot of impressive stuff on show. Jason and I shot a lot of footage across the three days of the actual show but we also got out and about around the city to take in some of the sights.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in California before but this was the first time I’d actually ventured into Los Angeles. I’ve heard a lot of very mixed reviews from people that have visited the city before so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I have to say, I liked it a lot more than I initially expected. I heard a lot about the huge, sprawling metropolis where the only way to get around is to drive, and while this is largely true I did manage to explore on foot a fair amount. We were staying in Hollywood, one street over from Hollywood Boulevard, so, when I inevitably woke up at the crack of dawn on our first day there, I headed out to explore…

No Access...
Musso & Frank Grill
Cheremoya Ave.
Last Cappucino...
Hotel Egyptian

I wandered along Hollywood Boulevard for a fair distance, taking all the different names which have been immortalised on the Walk of Fame. While it was fun to spot the names I recognised along the walk, it wasn’t until I started looking up that LA started to become really interesting. Looking out of the taxi window while we drove along the freeway from LAX after we first landed LA seemed like many of the other South Western USA cities I’d visited before; all relatively modern and functional buildings and strip malls, but stood on Hollywood Boulevard some of the remaining charm of old Hollywood was still visible. There was character here. It was spread around and sometimes hard to find, but it was definitely there. Art deco buildings, Googie style signs and vintage muscle cars were sprinkled around to find.

Rusty Mullet
Hollywood Boulevard
Kareem Hollywood & Vine

Car I
Wrong Way
Right Turn
Car II

Best Haircut in LA

Our hotel was a Best Western in Hollywood Hills and I wasn’t really expecting all that much. So, I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find that the inside was covered in tons of old Hollywood memorabilia and signed pictures of actors and musicians all over the place. Probably the best thing about the hotel though was the 101 Coffee Shop next door. It seemed to be a separate business despite being part of the hotel building but we couldn’t have asked for a better place to have breakfast. It was just what I hope for from an American diner and I did my best to sample as much of the menu as possible from Steak and Eggs to Apple Pie! It looked pretty beautiful as well…

The 101 Coffee Shop



We had a couple of days off before and after the show so we took a couple of trips out to Universal and down to Santa Monica where we walked down to Venice Beach…
Iron Man
Bubba Gump's
Life Guard Hut
Beach Bike
As always, it was great to get to travel and see somewhere new. If I get the chance I would definitely visit again. There were a few other areas that we saw very, very briefly like the Arts District that I would like to explore more as well as Downtown LA. I think that if I find myself there again it would be great to have access to a car (plus some more free time) to just drive around and see some of these other areas and capture more of the beautiful bits of architecture etc that we only got to see briefly as we sailed by in a taxi. Hopefully that won’t be too long a time to wait…