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I’ve been very busy since the end of September, and our return from South Africa. Work has been coming in thick and fast which is amazing but somehow I still managed to sift my way through over 100GB of footage from our trip, and edit it down to something (hopefully) concise, watchable and entertaining. I mentioned previously that the project was close to completion and now I’m very happy to bring you the latest B2 Productions film: ‘The Rocklands Files’…

Ben and I got a lot of very useful feedback from our Hueco video earlier this year, and I wanted the film to be pacey and enjoyable to climbers and non-climbers alike like that one was. We were in South Africa for twice as long as we were in Hueco however, and over that time I amassed a huge amount of footage. I tried to be ruthless with what I put in and what I left out, and because there was so many amazing problems there, at times it got really difficult. I decided that, once the edit was getting over the 20 minute mark, something had to give. So, I decided the only way round this particular problem was to have an additional “extras” film with a selection of the problems which weren’t necessarily visually as strong as some of the others, or didn’t quite fit the narrative of the main film. This still weighed in at just shy of seven minutes, which goes to show that I made the right choice! Enjoy!…

I have to thank Ben for the loan of his Canon EOS 7D for this trip. It was a real shame that he couldn’t have come out with us, but the fact he was generous enough to let me take his camera to record the trip was much appreciated. Not having him around for the filming in South Africa really made me realise how much natural flair he has for this kind of thing. It’s useful for me to have someone else to bounce ideas and things off of and I think the two of us together make a really good team. I definitely missed his input in the edit too. I’m really happy with what I’ve produced but it would have been good to have had him there to give different ideas etc. I’m sure there will be plenty of other chances for us to work together on projects (at least, I certainly hope there will be)!

Also, thanks to Steve for letting me borrow his GoPro too. It did come in very handy for getting some interesting angles which would otherwise have been very tricky to get.

Despite the fact it took a long (relatively) long time, I think I’d managed to get the workflow a lot slicker than during the making of the Hueco video. To be fair, we spent a lot of time during the making of ‘One Week in Hueco’ figuring out Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects (not to mention the amount of time we spent waiting for things to render!). Ben and I have done a few video projects since then, and naturally the workings of the software and the general organisation of footage etc become more familiar. Obviously, I can see ways to still improve the workflow further, and I’m excited to get my teeth into something else next year (as well as finish my other project which is currently still in the works…).

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